eCommerce store attribution just got easier with the dashboard on Google Tag Manager app for Shopify

Google Tag Manager app for Shopify has announced a new dashboard release for new and existing users.

Google Tag Manager app for shopify


Advanced Tags

The new Advanced plan covers additional tags for Shopify stores, including Klaviyo, Google Optimize, Criteo, Hotjar, Amazon, Microsoft (Bing) Ads, Mailchimp, Pinterest, Twitter, OneTrust, and CookieBot.


Consent Management

Google Tag Manager app for your Shopify store now integrates with consent management systems to pass the relevant information between eCommerce sites analytics, advertising, and other platforms within the Google Tag Manager ecosystem. 


Tags Monitoring

The monitoring dashboard includes channel accuracy monitoring with a health score for website tags, daily email notifications, and debug management.


Improved Speed

All the conversion and attribution data is updated 5x faster within milliseconds among the Google Analytics Universal, GA4, Google Ads, and Facebook accounts.


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