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Our mission at Google Tag Manager app is to make it easy to track analytics for DTC brands and Shopify stores.

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Our History

Back in 2017 Shopify had limited features that we deemed to be essential for an online store. Many of our clients had Shopify stores and couldn’t track all of the platforms that they wanted as there was no support for Google Tag Manager. In early 2017 our team decided to help Shopify store owners and build the first Google Tag Manager app with a complete Data Layer for Shopify to plug this gap. The app has grown significantly since that day and we constantly improve the support for a growing number of platforms based on customer feedback and requirements.

Team and Impact

Since the initial launch of our Shopify application in 2017, we have empowered over a thousand brands with eCommerce data analytics to help them grow their business.

While our remote team operates from Canada, the US, and the UK, our users are from across the world, covering 113 countries.

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